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Cutlery & knives Cluster, Wazirabad
There are approximately 300 units present in Wazirabad and about half of them are registered SMEs with Pakistan Cutlery & Stainless Steel Utensils Manufacturers & Exporters Association. There are about ten thousand persons employed in this sector directly and indirectly. The total production of this area is 5000 pcs per day approximately (standard size knife is taken as a piece). This is the main source of income for local people of this region. The articles of knives and Swords and Axes are 100% export oriented. Whereas, articles of kitchen knives and table cutlery including spoon and fork are supplied throughout the country, as well as exported.

The cluster development project was conceptualized in July 2001 with the collaborative efforts of UNIDO and relevant agencies such as SMEDA, EPB, NPO, chambers, concerned associations and other business promotion agencies coupled with the positive note from the concerned ministries i.e. MOI&P, MOC and MOST.
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